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Club List Amsterdam

Meet your private Host: Jaimy Steenmeijer

Jaimy build his network as a former concierge in several 5-star hotels in Amsterdam. In 2017 Jaimy Steenmeijer was awarded as runner-up during the Marjorie Silverman Award at the international congress in Berlin.
Thanks to his expertise and extensive knowledge of Amsterdam with her nightlife we can provide different luxury services in Amsterdam for our top clients.

During Jaimy’s career of more than 10 years, he has become a leader in the nightlife & event industry in Amsterdam. With Club List Amsterdam he has established relations with the top event promotion companies in Amsterdam. He accumulates a huge network of connections at the higher level in Amsterdam. Club List Amsterdam provides the perfect club table and VIP experience where other providers simply can’t.

Award Winning
Lifestyle Specialist

Former 5 star
hotel concierge

Excellent personal

Partner of
exclusive clubs

nightlife expert

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a luxury concierge service offer?
A luxury concierge service offers personalized assistance and planning for high-end travel, dining, entertainment, and other luxury experiences. These services can include booking flights and hotels, making reservations at exclusive restaurants, arranging transportation, and securing tickets to events or shows.

How do I make a request to a luxury concierge service?
You can make a request to a luxury concierge service by contacting them through email, phone, or a contact form on their website. Provide as much detail as possible about your needs and preferences, and a representative will get back to you promptly.

What kind of events and experiences can a luxury concierge service arrange?
A luxury concierge service can arrange a wide range of events and experiences, such as concert tickets, VIP packages, backstage passes, private tours, private dining experiences, spa days, luxury shopping tours and more.

Are there any additional costs for using a luxury concierge service?
There may be additional costs for using a luxury concierge service, such as service fees or charges for booking flights and hotels. However, these costs will be clearly communicated to you before any arrangements are made.

How far in advance should I make a request to a luxury concierge service?
It is recommended that you make a request to a luxury concierge service as far in advance as possible to ensure that your desired experiences and events are available. However, some concierge services may be able to accommodate last-minute requests.

Can a luxury concierge service help me plan a trip or event outside of the Netherlands?
Yes, many luxury concierge services have a global reach and can assist with planning trips and events in other countries.

What is the payment policy for the luxury concierge service?
The payment policy for luxury concierge service varies by service provider, but typically a deposit or full payment is required to secure reservations and bookings.

Can I cancel or change my requests once they are confirmed?
Cancellation and change policies vary by service provider, but it’s best to check with the provider beforehand. Some providers may charge a fee for cancellations or changes, while others may have a flexible policy.

How do I know that my personal information and payment details are secure when using a luxury concierge service?
Reputable luxury concierge services will have secure systems in place to protect your personal information and payment details. Ask the service provider about their security measures and check if they have certifications or accreditation.


What are you looking for during your stay in Amsterdam?

Club List Amsterdam provides you a bespoke luxury concierge service connecting you with the night life of Amsterdam and all of her surroundings have to offer. Your private concierge will be always available for you

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